Holiday & Tours

Whether it is about pilgrimage, or visiting an exotic Ayurveda spa resort, an enticing mountain peak, an adventure trip, or you seek highly informative educational and industrial tour for students or office personnel, extending to museum visits, heritage sightseeing, etc. Our team of experts and guides will cover them all effortlessly, sharing unique and in-depth insights, knowledge, and the most unique experiences with you.

You can see all our ready holiday packages below. They all move at a slow and relaxed pace allowing you time for yourself, soak in and enjoy the nature and moments at your own speed. Whenever we have taken groups and families on a holiday, we have inspired them and they are ever so keen to repeat the experience. We are very proud that our holidays are predominantly characterized by an environment that buzzing with happy and relaxed sounds, where people feel comfortable sharing their spaces and experiences! We welcome you to drop in or call and discuss your holiday arrangements anytime with our dedicated staff.