Why you should visit National Park?

Exploration is at the very core of the history of the National Park. Every bend of the road encourages an opportunity to get out, breathe the fresh air and have a little adventure of your own! The parks often offer countless hiking, biking and walking trails, so whether you prefer solitude, scenery or a more adrenaline-packed journey, there’s sure to be a day trip perfectly suited to your interests. Due to diverse landscapes, national parks are home to a plethora of wildlife. They are also home to historical trails and ancient archaeological sites past presidents, poets and soldiers have travelled across. So, while other kids will be lounging in the sand or sitting on the couch, your child will be soaking up history, science and more at a national park.

Much more than just unabashed wilderness, the National Parks occupy all kinds of different settings from urban to exotic to the unexpected. With 103 National Parks in the India, there is certainly something for everyone.Every park has a personality; you just have to find one that’s right for your family. Too many spring break vacations are filled with technology and inactivity. Visiting a national park will give you and your kids a much-needed break from electronics. Not only will the variety of outdoor activities to be good for your family’s mental health, but it will keep everyone physically active, too. If you’re an animal lover, then there’s really no better place for prime wildlife viewing that at a National Park. Depending on which part of the country you are in, the protected serenity helps increase your chances of seeing some favourites like bald eagles, moose, coyote, bison and bears, just to name a few.